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Kateřina Borovanská is the CEO & Founder of FREYA and Fiat Lux Art, which focus on B2B consulting business. She founded the Fenix content marketing competition, which is the largest content marketing awards in the country. Its 10th edition is focused specifically on data and its power. Over the last 17 years, Katerina has worked with clients such as Economie, innogy, E.ON, PSN, Central Group, Eli Lilly, Ministry of Health, Chybik+Kristof and dozens of other companies, brands and stories from many segments. Currently, he consults from the position of chief supervisor mainly on business model, strategy, information structures, brand and content. In her spare time, she enjoys studying Information Studies and Library Science at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Technology and tennis; books are her favourite medium and open up new schools of thought and a world of imagination. And she believes that dreams and challenges are meant to be fulfilled. Her motto: Get the things DONE!
Freya & Fiat Lux Art
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Keynote (EN):
How data and AI change the future?
March 7th 2022
16:00 - 16:10 PM CET